Thursday, December 04, 2008

The week in photos

Hi all, first off... My show at Mercers finished up at Mercers yesterday, however I will still have 5 pieces up until January as part of a exhibition of all the artists who have shown there this past year. Also my exhibition at Cafe Chocolate is still going on, as is my participation at the "tiempo y espacio" exhibit at the city gallery... and ... if you happen to be at the airport, keep your eyes open because I have some 16 x 20s up there as well.

Anyway here are some shots I have taken over the past week or so around merida, campeche and dziblichaltun.

Shot this off the malecon in Campeche

I really like how this little fish in a cenote is smiling at me as I take his picture

Does anyone know what this bird is called? It sure has a strange looking head

Nice shot of the Tho bird (not sure what its called in english)

Anyway that's all for now! check back soon!


Anonymous said...

El pájaro Toh creo que se llama Motmot... creeeo no recuerdo bien.

Buenas fotos saludos

Miguel Heredia said...

Hola que tal Carlos, dejaste un comentario en mi blog (fotosmigue) pero dejaste mal la direccion, una busqueda rapida en el google me trajo a la direccion correcta, gracias por el comentario y gracias por la pagina :)

Un saludo! :D