Friday, June 06, 2008

Neato NES coffee table

Well, at least I think its neat. I realize this does not count as a real update, but I thought I would share my new and improved coffee table with you. I had been kinda bored with it... so I decided to do this.

I think its kinda spitty. I took a photo of an original NES control and reporoduced it using vectors... I then had it printed out in large format (on vynil) and then stuck it to the bottom of the glass of the coffee table (pretty obvious stuff).

Here is the source file I created, feel free to use it for your own project! I am thinking I may make a few others... maybe a super nerdy startrek (standard federation) control panel or something like that. If you decide you would like the original vector file (or a full rez bitmap or targa), just send me an email.

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