Sunday, March 23, 2008

Central American Adventure (Belize pt 2)

So after my stay in Corazal I made my way back to Chetumal for a night, there I meet up with Roque at 4am the next morning and made my way with him back to Belize city. I have to say that Belize city was even less impressive the second time around so we did not really hang out there very much. We took a 10am boat ride to Caye Caulker (pronounced Kikaka for some odd reason) and spent the day there. The beaches were really nice and we enjoyed some nice beers, food and a swim. The island was really different from the mainland in just about every way… and better in just about every way also. The island has a very Caribbean flavour, you really get the impression that you are in a country like Jamaica or Barbados, not really in Central America… but this is true of Belize as a whole, or at least from Belize city south. After we got back from the Caye, we spent the night in Belize city and got ready for our trip to Guatemala.

Cool beach on the Caye

Kids playing on the streets of Caye Caulker

wow... thats straightforward... and disturbing, yikes!

I like the lighting in this shot

Even the maniquins in Belize have rather large butts!

Mexican and Belizean flags painted on a mural at primary school in Belize

Daybreak at Corazal

I have always wondered how acurate this things are

You will find those crazy Norwegians anywhere you go

Couple kids enjoying a bite on the beach

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Anonymous said...

Kikalka is sort of where all the old hippies went to drink and smoke. Reminds me of the 70's.
Lovely beaches, tranquility; that's the nice thing about potheads, so mellow. I loved the sand roads, and beach carts.

Sounds like you ae having a good time.