Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jalisco pt. 3 (Tequila Express)

Ok so last sunday my friend Paola and I made our way to the train station in Guadalajara to catch the "Tequila Express". The Tequila Express is a toursity kinda train that takes tourists (mostly mexican) on a tour of Jaliscos contury side and ends up after two hours in the valley of Tequila. This is ofcourse... duh... the place were tequila is from and is still made. The trip includes a visit to the "Heradura distilery" a bunch of really nice food... and ofcourse Tequila, as well as shows featuring Mariachis, Dancers, Rancheria and all sorts of other thinkgs. The trip itself is quite touristy, and although I am usualy not one for "organized fun", I quite enjoyed it. Sure it was pretty artificial... but they did a very good job of keeping you boozed up (both on the train and during the tour). All and all it was quite fun and I would recomend it, if for no other reason than that its a great way to get to see the countryside. Anyway here are some pics.

Here I am, boarding the Tequila Express...

Jaliscos Countryside 1

Jaliscos Countryside 1

Workers at "Heardura" distilary... now when you are taking off your clothes on a bar, screaming about how hammered you are on that tequila... you will know who to thank =)

What the heck? PS. Kevin I took this picture specialy for you knowing how much you love Donkeys

This is the stuff Tequila comes from... it smells very sweet actualy

I thought this kid was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen

Weeeee spining colors! I like spining colors!

Thats all!!!

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