Tuesday, August 22, 2006

well... thats that

Well the summer is all but over. I cant say it was particularly exciting or eventful… but it was not that bad. I went to the beach a few times, headed over to Cancun/playa 3 times… so I really do not have any reason to complain. Mike and I had a pretty good time in Cancun, we stated for 3 nights and drank like mad men. Cancun is looking really good…. They have really done a good job of fixing up after the hurricane. Anyway Mike went back home on Sunday and so did I. A friend from Austria is down in Merida visiting his family till mid next month… so I may have one last crazy party in me for this summer after all.

Jeanette will be arriving in Merida soon to, really soon… September 1st soon! So I am of course really excited about that. We have not seen each other for over 4 months, but this time she is going to stay till xmas… so we will have lots of time to spend together. Anyway there is nothing else terribly interesting going on, so I think ill cut this one short.

This dolphin wants to straight up murder your ass … the image really makes me not want to cut up those plastic net thingies on six packs…

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Anonymous said...

man, that is one angry dolphin.

Sept. 1st, eh? that is super soon. you better clean up!