Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ok, lets give this thing a shot

So in my last entry I was complaining about how this blog does not really seem to have enough direction... well, ok, lets try to give it some. I am gonna try posting some photos uphere of what ever I happen to be photographing each week... chances are we are gonna get some really lame entries... since its not absolutely every week that I manage to take a pic that does not absolutely blow chunks... but oh well, its worth a shot. Anyway as you porbably know you can find some of my stuff up on my website ( There is tons of work to be done on that site.... but thats another project all together... however feedback is always apreciated, maybe some of these pics will end up on the site... oh well who knows. ok so lets give this a shot.

Ok, I took this picture in this field just out of town, you can´t really tell from the picture but this little blue flower was really really small... maybe just a couple centimiters across, however I guess I did a decent job of getting it in to focus... especialy without having a proper macro lends. In any case I thought it was kinda of a neat flower... I am trying to figure out what species it is.

This cactus looking... well cactus was taken just about 1 km away from the little blue flower above (in the same field). I think the image itself is pretty interesting and I like the way its cropped... also I was pretty happy with the way the light came through from the trees behind the cactus... it kinda looks like moisture, but they are actualy just little beams of light making it through the folliage. I think it was the best pic I took that day...
U took this photo a few days after my little trek to the fields outside Merida. Somebody told me that this looks like a lily-pad... and I guess it kinda does, but as you probably guessed, its actualy a couple eggs shells. I was making an omelete.... so I craked the eggs and I got distracted with them, there is just something kinda cool about egg shells (says I)... I have always been kinda interested with they way they respond to light... so I went to go get a lamp, put it over my cutting board... tinkered with the light color settings on the camera and got this shot. It was just a little experiment, but I think it looks kinda nifty.

Ok, well that was it... I hope it was not to lame, flowers, egg shells and cactus are probably not the most exciting subject matter... but oh well, I guess this sort of stuff will have to do for now. I am thinking about doing a project with buying a few at the market and atempting to do something interesting with them...maybe cut them open or something (a little gross I know), but oh well... maybe this weekend. Anyway thats ll for now.
- Carlos R.


Anonymous said...

I really like the blue flower. However, i'm still a little lost on the egg one.

Carlos Rosado said...

yes well... the egg was just kinda of a improvised experiment, did not really have anything really particular in mind. how about this? egg shells full of fish eyes!?! ewww

Anonymous said...

Man, I've always wondered if my eggs watched me when I ate them.