Saturday, December 03, 2005

Back to Mexico!

Well I have been back in Mexico for almost a week now. It has not been as hard to readjust as I feared... its actualy been quie nice, I am settled in to my job at the school and I think I will quite like it. It kinda sucks to be back on to a schedule and not be able to do whatever I want when I want to do it... but I guess thats life *sigh*. I have not really been out since I got back, but I am hoping to get together with some people tonight. Also Aris (the guy I work with) has invited me over tonight for some wine and cheese at some french dudes place... so that will probably be fun. One thing I really love about being back is the weather... man its nice to have these perfect days slap dab in the middle of winter! BOOOYA! Aris and I have to go do some promotions in Cancun on tuesday and we may just have to spend an extra night! who knows!!!! it should be a good time. Anyway thats all for now.

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