Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Madrid = Vice city

Madrid is super sketchy, its full of prostitutes, there are shootings and its just plain scary. The thing is that this is the way it is in the tourist area... hell I would hate to see the slums! Anyway today we are going to "El Museo del Prado" which should be cool... and tonight we go to Amsterdam! at least they will be under control. In any case I am glad we spent an extra night in Cordoba... to be honest large cities in Spain leave quite a bit to be desired, but who cares the rest of the country is really awesome, especially the Andalucia region, that was really sweet. Anyway I dont have that much to report so I guess Ill be posting next in Amsterdam. P.S. This one guy thought Maggie was a hooker, he says "Are you working?" Sergio and I thought it was quite funny but poor Maggs was mortified hahahhaha poor thing.

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