Saturday, August 06, 2005

Last day in Barcelona

Well tomorow we (Maggie, Sergio and I) are heading to Valencia, we have our hostel booked and everyithing so there should be no problem. Yesterday we went to Angel´s parents beach house for supper... wow now that was good food, not to mention plentiful! Today we basicaly just walked around for a while has some lunch and decided to take it easy beacause its so dammed hot outside... its just crazy and a few minutes of walking around really screws you up. Tonight I think we are gonna go to some night club some friend of Angel owns, runs or something like that. It should be fun, I just hope that I dont have to spend very much money but to tell the truth Barcelona has been very inexpensive staying here with Angel, its been good but its also time to move on. I am really thinking I would like to stay for a year or so in Europe, the best thing would be to find a job and settle somewhere in a month and a half or so, but I dont even know if I could get a job... so everything is really in the air, all I know is that I would like to stay and have the chance to live in europe for a while. Anywa thats all for now.

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