Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Austria Bound... and kind of messed up

These last few days have been very hard... personal life stuff should not mess up travel experience, but I guess its inevitable to a certain point. Anyway Maggie and I are on our way to Austria, there we are staying with some friends for 4 or 5 nights, it should be great... I hear Vienna is a great city... the only thing is that its going to feel very expensive after Czech rep... but oh well, just about anything would. I think Maggie is going to go with me after to Slovakia and Hungary... maybe Poland, but she is not sure. It would be cool if she came along but I am sure I will survie eitherway. Czech republic has been my 12th country in 12 months and its great... but I must say I am starting to get a bit exausted with all this moving around... but oh well, ill continue doing it till I run out of cash or am just to tirred to enjoy myself... it will probably be more of the first than the second. Post in Austria.

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