Sunday, August 21, 2005

Amsterdam... wow

Well I am not really sure where to start or what to say about Amsterdam and my time here. The city is really amazing and has lots to offer aside from drugs and hookers... although the past week the city has been really dirty because of a strike. It has been kinda weird to stay at, get this... a christian youth hostel, but over all it has been quite good... for the price the rooms and the food are really good, specialy the food. Ofcourse every once in a while you are bombarded by hyms and the staff rambling about how "Crazy aweseome it is to beleive in Christ BOYAAA!" but other that that no problems. I have to admit that I have spent lots of time in the "Coffe Houses" and that I have, well lets just say over indulged somewhat. Anyway I am really anxious to post some more pics online of Amsterdam as well as Cordoba and a few new places, so I hope that will happen soon. Anway I fly out to prague in like 3 hours so I guess I should get my act together... and try to act sober at the airport. Signing out.
- Carlos

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