Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Granada at last!

Well we are in Granada but the trip was just awful, we had to take a 4 hr train to this place in central spain near Madrid (Alcazar de San Juan) and then wait 6 ours (from 9pm to 3 am) for our train to Granada which took another 5 hours, so as you can probably gather we are exausted, although I was able to sleep most of the time on the train. However I must say that its totaly worth it because its amazing here, the Arab influence really stands out and the city itself feels like nothing I have ever really seen. Tonight we are gonna go see a Flamenco dancing shot and tomorow we will be checking out all the sites... we are doing that today to but we are quite shot! We are hoping to get over to Moroco for a while but I am not sure if its going to work out... anyway here is hoping!

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