Saturday, August 27, 2005

Czec Republic is kick ass

Well he wave been in the Czec republic for about a week now and we have had an amaying time. Prague is one of the most amazing cities I have ever seen, the architecture is paralled only perhaps by Rome, the food is great and cheep and the beer... well the beer is a whole other story... it is dirt cheap and simply amazing, man do these people ever know how to make a good brew. A couple days ago we took a road trip to visit the bone church in Kutna Hura and these really amazing caves further east... I cant remember the name but ill post that after. We stayed the night in this really cute little village in the mountains... it was just fantastic. We went out to supper with a couple ozzies who where also on the trip... we had dinner, a few bears and drinks each, dessert and a take away wine for under 15 eruo... thats for four people... now thats value! Anyway we just got back to prague and have a few more days to enjoy the city, Maggie will join us tomorow and then Maggie and I will make our way to Viena! weee Should be great! I am posting some pics really soon.
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it's Ange

glad you guys are having a great time :)