Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I hate my ISP and french trains!

Well we arived in Barcelona last night, the trip was... well awful, wehad to take 5 trains not one of which was on time... and its sillybecause Barcelona is really not that far away from southern france,but then again who said the french and the spanish are capable ororganizing much less coordinatin anything. Anyway we are staying withMaggies friend Angel who seems to be very nice. The apartment in whichwe are staying is really quite cool and near the sea... I think mysecond trip to Barcelona will be much better than the first. I am alittle frustrated because my website server is not working although Ihave been on their asses for the past couple of weeks, and on top ofthat I just discovered a 150cnd charge on my credit card from payments are in Febuary and in any case I never Authorizedautomatic billing or anything like that. Anyway other than all thatcaos things are going quite well, its really nice to travel and hangout with maggie and sergio, although we kinda have to get our actstogether and figure out where we are gonna be going and when, and howto make it as cheep as possible because I have spent way way way moremoney than I wanted to by this point... with the flying to paris,having to stay longe in denmark and all. Its a little hard to becausemaggie and sergio are only here for a month so they constantly want tobe on the move and are spending money, but in anycase something willwork out I am sure. I am really excited about seing more of spain,specialy galicia... from what I hear it is a really amazing region,valencia should be very cool as well. Anyway mom thats all for now.

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