Monday, September 12, 2005

Today was simply amazing!

Well travelling from Hungary to Greece was quite a pain in the ass, I got in this morning at 4 am and was in to my hostel by 6, I had 3 hrs sleep and then went to see Athens! I just dont have words to describe how incredible it was... I was so tirred but once I arrived I was just so excited I cried... I just could not stop... it was really overwelming. I visited the Acropolis, the Agora and a few other smaller sites in the vacinity... It was just awesome awesome awesome!!! Tonight I am heading over to Corfu (8 hr bus) where I will be staying at the famous "Pink Palace". I hope to stay for a few days... get som R&R on the beach and then head out to explore the rest of Ionia. I really hope to go to Rhodes and Olympia also... and perhaps if I have time and money swing by Turkey... its very close to Rhodes after and there must be lots of boats back and forth. I have really liked Athens... I dont know why people say such bad things about it... maybe its been cleaned up lots since the Olympics... who knows. Anyway Ill be back to Athens to fly to Berlin... so then Ill have more time to explore at a little bit less of an insane itenerary... and with more sleep... mmm sleep. Anyway I am really hungry so I think I am going to go get something to eat... check the picture site in the next few days... I should have those pictures up before to long I hope.

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