Sunday, September 18, 2005

Naxos Bound!

Ok will it looks like I have something that resembles a plan now. I am in Athens and on my way to Naxos at 5:30 this evening (I hope). I plan to stay there for a few days and then move on to Santorini, Rhodes and all those other cool islands. I found a really good flight from Istambul to Berlin on the 6th so I am going to do that... I will probably get to the Turkish mainland from Rhodes... but I know there are many other options as well... I will have to figure all this out. I hope to be in Turkey by the end of this month so that I have a chance to explore it a little... well ill have 5 to 7 days so that will give me some time to see whats going on over there. I have to say that I am getting really really tirred... in just about every way but I know that this is probably a once in a life time oportunity so I am going to do as much as I possibly can... besides after a few days of rest on Santorini I am sure I will be just fine and up to my old antics again. Anyway that is basicaly what is going on now... the ferri to Naxos takes something crazy like 16 hours so I will have a chance to get my thoughts together and chill a bit... its cool because this way I dont have to worry about hostels for tonight and when I get in tomorow I will just fin a place to chill and then that will be that. I have to say that I am starting to get really excited about going home... I can just see myself sleeping in my own bed... watching tv... having my clothes be all celan and not having to share a room with nobody! not one single dirty travelling hippy or anoying middle aged hipster! yay!... *sigh*. Also looking forward to seing my folks and all my friends ofcourse... man is it ever going to be nice to chill on the beach at Progreso with a nice cold beer and just do nothing... and know that I am home. Anyway enough of that... I am very happy and excited that I am going to the islands and then to greece... I am sure it will be a great experience. Reading what I have been writing I can tell I am just ranting and not much of this makes any sense so I guess this will be it for now. If any of you have any tips on travel in turkey or the greek islands please let me know... cause I have no idea!

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Anonymous said...

"...and not having to share a room with nobody! not one single dirty travelling hippy or anoying middle aged hipster! yay!...". Fuck that,I am going to make sure I am in Merida when you get back... sleeping in your bed and humping your pillow (I know you saw the pictures!!!)