Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sa sa sa in Vienna and fun in Bratislava

Well we have been in Austria for a few days now and we have really seen lots! the little towns around here are just so gorgeous its not even funny... the sausages are so amazing and the beer ofcourse is wonderful. A few nights ago Reinheart, Maggie and I went out and we danced to the Sa sa sa in Vienna which we thought was just the funniest thing... *sigh* I sure have had many good times to that song... wish I was going to have more... if you catch my drift. Anyway yesterday we spend the day in Bratislava (Slovakias capital city) and that was loads of fun... its the biggest city in the country but to tell the truth thats not saying much since it was so small... but it was very cute and we had a very very nice time... and hey, new country! I was glad to hear that Kevin in Lousiana is doing ok and that the effects of the hurricane did not reach him... those poor people are in such a mess. Anyway its quite late and I am feeling quite tirred so I think that will be all for now. Till next time.

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Anonymous said...

Go Austria. Man, now I am craving sausages. Damn you CARLOS!