Monday, September 26, 2005


Well I guess there are worse places to be stuck than Crete! So I was hoping to catch a boat over to Rhodes to then cross over to turkey... yea well that would have been a good idea if it was not for the fact that there is only one bloody boat a week to freaking Rhodes... how this is possible I do not know but its the way it is... I spent all yesterday looking for a way around this... but no go. Anyway as it stands now I will be taking the 6pm boat to Rhodes on wednsday and I will arive there at 6 am the next day... now if things go my may (they never seem to) I will be in time to catch a boat to turkey that leaves at 8... and will be in Turkey by 9ish on Thursday... it would be nice... but somehow I cant let myself to count on it. I would be arriving in Marmaris and slowly making my way up to Istambul... although not as slowly as I would like since I am stuck here in Crete! arghhh. Anyway enough of that. I have decided to make the best of my stranded status on the island... Iraklio is really quite a cool city, its very active and there is lots going on... and its not that expensive, although the hostel I am staying at is quite crap... but oh well I got myself some new earplugs today and am hoping to get some rest. Anyway thats all for now, ill probably post again tomorow or something like that.

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