Saturday, September 10, 2005


So I was looking for busses to krakov and they where sooo expensive, it just made no sense... so then I figured... hmmm I wonder how much it would cost to fly to athens...12Euro! BOYAAA so that was that, screw poland... I am going to Greece. I am going tomorow which is a little freaky since its september 11th... but oh well. anyway I arrive quite late (like 2am) in Athens... I am going to stay for a couple days and then make my way over to Corfu. After a few relaxing days I will start to explore the sites... any suggestions for places I simply must see??? Anyway I think I am going to explore Budapest a little more today and spend some time reaserching my trip... it should be a blast, I am just worried that its going to get crazy expensive... but oh well, Ill be living for cheap in Berlin in October anyway, so meh! Also I heard that the UADY (University of Yucatan) is going to be starting up a Philosophy program in 2006... so that is quite cool, who knows... maybe I could TA or something... no news so far on if they are going to have a grad program... that would be quite nifty eh?

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Just amazing.