Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Exausted in Budapest

Maggie and I arrived in Budapest a few hours ago and we are just exausted... last night we stayed out quite late in Vienna and had to get up really early to catch our bot... we had what I will only describe as a series of quite unfortunate events this morning *sigh*. Anyway we got on the boat and arrived in Budapest a bit early... found our hostel and settled in. The hostel is supper nice and cheap and get this... maggie and I are the only people here, so we have the whole thing to our selves, sweet eh?. Anyway we are really tirred... we hope to go out tonight for a little but I think we are going to make it an early night... i am not very lucid... although the Hungarian women are singing their siren song... wow they are amazing, its just incredible. Anyway I think I am not making much sense and the sleep depravation is getting to me... so thats it.

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Anonymous said...

Go having the hostile to yourselves.