Friday, September 16, 2005

Corfu! weee!!! + fun in the Balcans!

Well like 5 days ago I arrived in Corfu, the bus from Athens could not be described as anything short of hellish... it was supposed to take 8 hrs but since I was the only client on the bus the bus driver figured it would be ok to stop at every stop and talk to her bus driver friends for hours on end... I am quite sure he spoke english although he did a good job of pretending he did not! Well when I finally arived in Corfu I was quite happy to discover that the place where I was going to stay (the pink palace) was actualy quite nice... despite all the pink. I got a deal for 20 euros a night with breakfast and supper... which is really quite amazing! Anyway I have just been mostly hanging out on the beach and recovering a little from all this moving arround... tomorow I fly back to Athens where I will stay for a few days, pick up a few things and then make my way over to Santorini. From Santorini I think I will visit a bunch of other islands before I head over to Turkey. I was not sure if I wanted to go to turkey since its such a big country and really deserves its own trip... but since Istambul is much closer to these islands than Athens... I figured what the hell? I think I will stay in Greece/Turkey till about the 5th of october... after that I plan to make my way over to Berlin and maybe make a little trip over to poland... its very close, I was thinking that maybe I could even just go with a daypack and bike there! that would be so intense. Anyway this flight I found to go to Athens was quite cheap and I am sooo happy that I dont have to take that freaking awful bus again... man seriously it was bad. The other day I made a day trip to Albania which kinda turend in to a little more... but you can just ask me about that one, it was really really messed up... messed up? in the balcans you say? NOOOO!!!!! heheh well yea it was. Anyway I would quite recomend the pink palace and corfu... the only things is that some of the staff at this place ... wow just awful... they are so rude and arogant its almost funny, specialy since they are such loosers who get off on feeling like they have some sort of authority... hey guys!!! YOU WORK AT A FREAKING HOSTEL!!! ... nothing wrong with that, but gezzz dont be such a coky ass just because you control who gets free drinks and who does not, man... anyway thats all, or else this could REALLY turn in to a rant. The only other thing about here is that the internet is quite bad...1.50 for 30 mins and its quite slow... but oh well, who comes to greece to spend all day on the internet eh?. I still have not had a chance to backup my picks... which I do not like one bit, but I hope ill find some internet cafe that will do it for me in the next few days in Athens... at which point I will post some Greece/Albania pics on the travel photo site. Anyway... that was a long post but its all for now. ciao.

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Anonymous said...

Istanbul is quite amazing! The bazaar is a wonderful experience. I would also suggest going to the Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque and the national museum while you are there. And if you can get into the catacombs that are by the Hagia are worth it as well.