Saturday, March 17, 2007


I am sure this phenomena has a name... but I have no idea what it is. I have only seen this a few times... but its quite cool

Some cool street art in Berlin, Germany

Eiffel tower in france

This is actualy the ceiling of a movie theatre in Heraklion Greece, I just thought it look really cool (no post processing)

Within the guts of Miletos great amphetheater (Turkey)

I took this shot in an alley somewhere in Rome, I just really liked the colors and textures

St. Miguel fort in Campeche (Mexico)

Afro-cuban district in Havanna

Old Hacienda somewhere in Yucatan (cant remember were exactly)

Cartas! love those colors

Now that is a lot of pot!

Mask of the rian god Yum-Chacc in Uxmal (Mexico)

Cool scuplture at Vigeland Park in Oslo Norway (I have always thought the old guy looks a bit like Socrates)

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casandrinia said...

wow! La envidia me corroe, por los viajes y por las fotos tomadas. Gracias por postearlas!