Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2K7 Business trip to Tabasco pt. III

So after four days out of town I am finally back in Merida. The trip went quite well and I think we will probably end up recruiting a few people to the school… so the job is well done I guess. After a really awful breakfast at the hotel, Aris and I worked in the morning and then made our way back to Merida from VillaHermosa (about 500km). VillaHermosa is a fairly big city but not particularly my favorite in Mexico… its quite noisy and people seem like they are always in a rut. Anyway we had a fairly easy trip back, I took some photos and ate at that same restaurant in Champoton (we were not feeling like we wanted to take a gamble on the food). Anyway here are some of the pics.

Aris took this shot of me with my face up to the windshield... not sure what I was doing or if i thought it was funny, but oh well

I thought this church was kinda cute and deserved a shot

Nothing to special, but I liked the way the image framed in my mind

Lighthouse we saw form the highway (arround Champoton I think)

Old oil tanker... I wanted to get closer and take some nice detail shots, but there was a fence... damit

Some people playing the "marimba" in downtown Villa Hermosa

Just some passing cars from a bridge in Villa Hermosa

Little ferry that conects one side of the river to the other (in Villa Hermosa as well)

People boarding the ferry

Tacky hand crafts! I think I should have bought that awful frog with the welcome sign

Special thanks to Aris for putting up with me and my constant wanting to pull over to take shots, it must suck to travel with me.

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