Sunday, March 11, 2007

2K7 Bussines trip to Tabasco pt. I

Well it’s that time of year again… the promotions are in full swing. Aris and I got an early start out of Merida and made our way through the state of Campeche and in to Tabasco.The drive is fairly long (about 7 hrs or so) but it really was not so bad, we made a few stops and had an ok lunch. The drive itself is quite easy, and the countryside is quite nice… especially the part of it between Champoton and Ciudad del Carmen… since the coast is visible on one side of the highway and the other is full of pastures and rain forest.Tonight Aris and I are spending the night in "Frontera", we are going to work here for a few hours tomorow and then move on to "Paraiso"and to "Villa Hermosa" after that. If we have the time we will probably try to hit another few places before we head back to Merida on thursday... but i guess we will just have to see. Anyway here are a few shots of places and things on the way… probably not my must interesting update, but it will have to do =P
- Carlos R.

Beach at Champoton

Highway to the mainland from Ciudad del Carmen

Two old dudes

Downtown Frontera

Poor guys, but oh well I guess its their own fault for being so yummy
What ever happened to Xkeulil6... wait, what?
Restaurant at Champoton

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Omar said...

ooooh con que cambio de look por acá... esta perfecto... te quedó muy bien...
Saludos y disfruta el puente...