Wednesday, November 05, 2014

First week of November

Well, we are now in full blown winter. We had our first big winter storm last Monday and the temperatures have continued to drop... that being said I really think Finnmark comes in to its own during the winter. It also seems that we have moved up to the arctic on a good year since solar activity has been fairly high and therefore we are getting to see the northern lights every day. My neighbors say that around January or February they will be even better... so yeah, I am looking forward to that. At home all is going well, little Emma is a handful but she is so much fun... I think she is already a better football player than I am, but then again that is not that big an achievement... even for a toddler. Hope you enjoy the photos.

4 comments: said...

Hola Carlos. excelentes fotos!
Reciban nuestros abrazos y besos. said...

Hola Carlos, excelentes fotos!
Que tipo de calefaccion usan? La calefaccion esta trabajando continuamente?
Les enviamos abrazos y besos.

Carlos Rosado said...

Gracias Benjamin. La calefaccion es electrica. Functional bien pero seca mucho el aire. Un abrazo.

Elena said...

padrísimas fotos Carlos, qué envidia!!