Monday, November 17, 2014

... And the thermometer keeps dropping

I hate to keep bringing up the weather, but keeping warms is becoming a major preoccupation for me these days. The cold never really bothered me in my twenties when I was living in New Brunswick, but for some reason I have become far less tolerant of winter with time. At heart I guess I have always been a warm climate kind of person, so living in the Arctic is particularly tough. But its not like I am going to allow -30 degree c. (with windchill) stop me from going out and getting some nice shots. Hope you enjoy.


Elena said...

pues si que frio pero que padres fotos jeje envidia :)
oye ni habia visto q eres medio canadiense, de donde o que??


Carlos Rosado said...

Mi mama es de Vancouver... pero he vivido mas en la costa del Este =)

Beverly and Terry said...

Your photography is phenomenal. I hope your joy from the good work you do negates the cold. Living PT in South Texas, USA and PT in the Yucatan, I can feel your pain with the cold. It is awesome that you are making the best of a not so pleasant climate. Keep the photos coming.

Carlos Rosado said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, its been quite the adjustment but as you say it is providing for some great photographic opportunities, not to mention lots of quality time with my little one. But of course it is still a challenge!