Friday, August 01, 2014

Quintana Roo adventure with the boys pt. 2 (Dzibanche, Kinichna and Belize)

Aside from lounging around in the lagoon and in the Palapa at the house in Bacalar, Tonatiuh, Soples, Jonnathan and I decided to do a couple day-trips. One day we made our way to the Belize border where we shopped around for knickknacks and just kinda hung out. The "Zona Libre" of "Free Zone" in Belize is basically just a big market area in Belize you can enter without the need of a passport or any documentation at all really. However on your way back the Mexican authorities do ask for some form of ID. The next day we all made our way to the archaeological sites of  Dzibanche and Kinichna. Though only about one hour from Bacalar and about 40 minutes from Chetumal, the ruins of these ancient cities are sparsely visited... which is surprising given how relatively easy they are to get to and the fact that they are very impressive. Though I was expecting to see more Rio-Bec like architecture at the site I was fairly surprised to find a sites that resemble Calakmul in many ways. I guess this does make sense since they are not really that far from the Peten. In any case they are very cool sites well worth checking out. Another very cool feature of these wonderful sites was the abundance of wildlife. In our time there I managed to photograph many interesting animals such as howler moneys, owls, and a bunch of really huge insects. All in all it was an extremely successful outing =)

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