Friday, August 01, 2014

Quintana Roo adventure with the boys pt. 1 (Bacalar)

Yesterday I got back from spending five days at Bacalar with my good friends Tonatiuh and Raul (AKA Soples). We stayed at a really nice place on the lagoon owned by Raul's family and boy... is it ever nice. It was really cool to get some time to hang out with my buds, enjoy the lagoon and the wildlife in the area. There was lots of beer drinking and playing domino under the palapa... so yeah, I would say it was a very successful trip! As you can probably tell by the aerial shots I also brought the drone along, which was tons of fun also. We also did a few day trips but I will post those photos in another post. Enjoy the photos!

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Lee said...

Amazing photos, and not just the aerial shots, either. Thanks for sharing with those of us residing in more mundane places for the moment.