Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting started in Vadsø

Well as many of you probably already know my wife Jeanette, our little girl Emma and I have moved up to the Norwegian arctic. Last Sunday after five flights we finally arrived in the town of Vadsø and are just now finishing with the moving process. This entire week has been extremely hectic so we are really looking forward to wrap up setting up the apartment so we can do some exploring.  I have not really had the opportunity to get out start taking photos... but the town and its surrounding are quite nice. With about 5000 inhabitants Vadsø is the largest town in the region and the municipal seat of government. As you may imagine distances between communities up this far north are quite large and it seems like people depend on flights quite a bit to get around. Anyway I will keep this first post short but rest assured there will be more from the Rosado-Borg family arctic adventure!

First photo I snapped getting off the plane!

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