Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tabasco & Chiapas rain forrest extravaganza pt. 2

Well this site (Reforma) was quite a treat, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Hello señor cow, what way to the archaeological site? all I see are these huge mounds of earth... and there are not mountains in this region

holy @·"·!"#

Archaeologists little hut for temporary artifact storrage

Workers hard at work unearthing stone steps

ohhh what have we here

Another of the structures at Reforma

Same building different view

Mayan ballcourt

Cows hanging out on the mounts of yet another building (there are dozens of these mounds around the area, and those are just the ones you can actually get to).

Reforma is quite far from Merida, at least like 7 hours, but I hope to go back and check out how the process is going from time to time. They have been working since late March and the archaeologist said that on average only one car comes by to visit every two weeks. If you are interested in going and would like directions let me know... its kinda out of the way and most people in the area know nothing about it.

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Unknown said...

A young Riker camouflaged as an employee/tourist, making his way to interact/observe without affecting the course of history in that society. Interesting.