Thursday, May 14, 2009

Southern Quintana Roo pt.3

Well to wrap up my posts on this weeks trip to southern Quintana Roo, here are some shots I took at the archaeological site of Oxtankah. While not as large as Chacchoben, Oxtankah still has quite a few interesting structures to explore and check out. Anyway here are the pictures.

Cute little village scene in Qroo near the border with Yucatan

Hmmm that sure was a nice lunch

Nice colorfull shot

A nice pitalla flower... mmm I cant wait for pitalla (dragon fruit) to be in season

very tiny huming bird... was just 5 cm across or so

Remains of a ruined spanish chapell in Oxtankah (I would think from the late 15 hundreds or so)

Mayan temple at Oxtankah

Some nice remains of decorations and stucco

another temple at Oxtankah

Anyway that is all for now. On sunday I will be going off again for a week long trip to Tabasco and Chiapas, so stay posted!

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