Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tabasco & Chiapas rain forrest extravaganza pt. 1

Last Week Aris and I headed out to Tabasco and Chiapas for work, and if you follow this blog you know that can mean only one thing; a bunch of photos of maya archaeological sites. Anyway after work last tuesday we ventured out of the town we were staying in (Emiliano Zapata) to check out and archaeological sites called Ponoma. I could not find much information about the site on the net, but upon arriving I disovered that it shared many odd arquitectural features with the ancient city of Comalcalco. Of the four sites we visited this week Ponoma was by far the smallest, however it did prove to have quite a bit to keep us interested, such as some cool stone carvings, round stone altars, a couple moderate size piramids and a fairly large ceremonial center.

Little guy outside my hotel window

A representation fo the sun or "kin" which was found in the now destroyed interior corridors of the ceremonial temple.

I am fairly sure I posted a similar photo last year, but I dont care, I love these trees (take that tree huggers)

Aris atop the ceremonial temple

Front view of said temple

One of the serveral round stone altars

Corridors atop ceremonial structure

Pyramid from the early classic period

The "road" you take from the highway to get to the site

Anyway that is all for now, but check back soon since there is still much to post, and the best is yet to come. cheers!
- Carlos

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