Monday, December 29, 2008

Puuc Valley (December 2008)

Yesterday Steve and I made our way to the puuc valley to photograph the jungle and some of the archaeological sites (Xlapac, Sayil and Kabah). It was a good time; we shot a bunch of photos, had a good trek and had a nice meal. Anyway here are the pics.

Large rain god mask on facade of temple in xlapac

There are not that many restored structures at Xlapac, but they have ceirtanly been working at it... last time I was there there was only one, now they have fixed up 3 different buildings, hopefuly there will be more

Slightly desaturated image of the jungle in Sayil

Some flowers growing near the main structure at Sayil

An archway leading to the Sacbe (ancient mayan road) which conects Kabah with Uxmal

I love the rain forrest :)

Doorway at temple of the masks in Kabah

Stone statue (natural size) of ancient ruler of Kabah

Passageway in Kabah

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