Sunday, December 21, 2008

San Ignacio Hacienda

This morning Dan, Steve and I got up good and early and decided to go shooting. We ended up going to San Ignacio... a small town with an abandoned hacienda about 15 km north of Merida on the highway to Progreso. The town itself is quite run down but shows quite a bit of potential, its actualy quite a nice little place. Anyway here are some of the photos I took.

Old hacienda chimeney

Section of the facade of the old mill

Chruch arch

These guys were quite cooperative, they just kinda stood there and let us shoot

Its amzing were things can grow

This section of the abandoned hacienda was probably the school house, but its kinda creepy now

Lights and shadows doing interesting things in the early yucatecan morning

shot of the church at San Ignacio

This last photo was not taken at San Ignacio, but rather in downtown Merida, in a old house where you can buy antique furniture. In case you are wondering the spider is not real, its a bizzare door knocker... I placed it up there.

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