Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its time for another update! Going to Central America?

So anyway I have had quite a bit of work lately so things have not been to exciting on the photographic front. I have however been out of town quite a bit on business trips and have had the chance to shoot a little… although they have all been places were I have been tons of times. I did however go last weekend to a Doors concert (senza Morrison of course) which was surprisingly good. In a couple weeks I will find myself in Belize for work during a few days… so I am thinking about taking advantage of the opportunity and getting out and shooting some wildlife and archaeology. The issue then becomes that I will be close to Guatemala… and I will most likely end up going to Tikal…and then I may get suckered in (by my self) to going to Honduras to visit Copan and a few other sites… so if all goes well I will have quite the central American adventure. I have not really don’t to much traveling around central America… so I am a bit nervous about security and taking all my camera stuff… but oh well, that’s why I have the hardware in the first place. If anyone has any advice on this please send me a quick note!

Here are a few pictures I took last week passing by a few villages.

I love this picture... that sign is just so perfect

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