Monday, February 04, 2008

Campeche and Quintana Roo Archaeology Extravaganza! (pt.4 – Kohunlich y Bacalar)

So today we got up really early and drove to Kohunlich. The site is way bigger than I expected it to be…. We ended up spending several hours just walking around and exploring. One of the neat things about Kohunlich is that the vegetation is really thick and made up in large proportion by these very large palm trees. The site is however landscaped in many areas, so you don’t have to machete your way through as much as you do in sites like Oxkintok or Coba. The most notable feature of the site is its four stucco masks found on a medium sized pyramid at the western end of the city. There is also what was once a fairly large residential are and ball court. All and all a very interesting place. Kohunlich also has quite a few interesting birds to photography… I actually feel like I got quite lucky. After we left Kohunlich we made our way over to the costal town of Bacalar. Bacalar is on the Caribbean sea but faces a very cool lagoon…as a result the colours are quite spectacular. Anyway I finally was able to get online tonight and upload all these posts... so other than that, I think I am going to take it easy this evening and rest up for

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