Monday, February 04, 2008

Campeche and Quintana Roo Archaeology Extravaganza! (pt.3 - Calackmul)

For hundreds of years, Calackmul was the most powerful city state in the entire American continent. It consistently pushed back the advances of other powerful centres such as Tikal… and basically reeked havoc upon any other power which dared to challenge it. The city is one of the most impressive examples of archaeology I have seen anywhere, and even rivals the great city of Palenque. Being one of the largest cities on earth of its time, Calackmul spread over approximately 70 square kilometres and was armed to the teeth. The size and amount of structures at the site is just amazing… one can only imagine the pooling of resources necessary to accomplish such a feat in a time when horses (or any other domesticated beasts) were inexistent on the continent (at least the Incas had Lamas) and no metals adequate for the building of metallic tools were available. Another wonderful feature of Calackmul is that it is enclose in a national park-biosphere which contains an amazing variety of wildlife such as primates, five out of six feline species found in Mexico, exotic birds and flora. Eventually of course the city did suffer a decline… and the very ready and willing city of Tikal exacted its revenge by looting the city and squandering its resources. Anyway here are the photographs.

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