Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lonely =P

Well Jeanette went to Norway on monday... she will be there for a couple weeks and then she is heading over to Russia for about 2 months... and then she will come back to mexico september 1st... so till then I will probably just be sulking hehehe. Anyway I dont really have time to sulk... there has been plenty of work arround here. There are some delegates in merida from some collages in the states and canada... so there are many things i have to do.... many meetings, so on and so foth. Tomorow I have to go to Campeche for a couple days of meetings, but at least I will be staying at a decent hotel with a nice pool... so thats no so bad I guess. Also I got a new camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XT... and its super sexy. I cant wait to have some real time so I can go out and shoot... but I guess that will have to wait for now. Anyway thats all for now.


eldani said...

Carlos!, así que te dejaron solito. Bueno, como sabes he creado mi blog, aprovecho el tuyo para hacerle publicidad, jaja.
Oye y esas quebecuas besándose?, jeje, graciosa la foto. Bueno, pásala bien!

Anonymous said...

poor carlos. so lonley. at least you know that she will be coming back. that's always a bonus.