Monday, May 08, 2006

Have I mentioned that its hot?

Well this last week was quite slow, Jeanette and I had to go to Chetumal for promotions… it did not go very well, the little punks over there do not seem to be very interested in anything really… but oh well, I did what I had to do. Chetumal is pretty boring, there is really nothing to do… the city is seriously lacking good places to eat and stuff, but at the very least the cabs are cheap. Jeanette and I went in to Belize just to see what was up and it was quite sketchy… although it seem like quite an interesting country. The official language in Belize is English but most people (specialy near the boarder) speak Spanish.. Although you also hear Chinese… which is kind of weird. The English over there is really bizarre to, I think they actually call it Creole or something like that… either way it’s weird. This next while is gonna be quite busy, there is going to be a group of teachers coming from Canada and the States next week so there are several thing I have to do before then. It has been really nice to spend so much time with Jeanette lately, its gonna suck when she is away in Russia for 3 months, but oh well… I am sure I will have my fun. Anyway that’s all for now I guess… ttyl.

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