Monday, July 10, 2006

this blog is more stale than... uhh, a really stale cheeto, see what I mean???

Well last weekend sure was eventful. Between the world cup final, TTT´s graduation, and all that beer… it sure went by fast. But anyway here we are, once again complaining about how awful Mondays are… its really getting quite tiresome; wouldn’t you agree? I mean seriously… nobody likes Mondays, but do we really need to complain about them every single week, no. I feel this blog is getting rather pointless so I am gonna either a) give it some kind of new direction or b) just stop doing it. Since I got back from Europe there is nothing really interesting to report anyway… or usually at least… so we will see how it goes. I have thought about maybe implementing the blog in to my website ( a little better so that the blog could serve as a record of my photographic adventures… and not just my gratuitous complaining. Any thoughts on this? Anyway my parents are going away to Europe in just a few days, so both Maggie and I are looking forward to five wonderful easy going weeks… or at least that is the plan, since the reality of these things never really ends up manifesting itself the way one would desire… but oh well. I have to confess that I am a bit on football withdrawal… no more world cup!!! This totally blows… I guess I am just going to have to find a new excuse to drink alone in front of the TV now =). I talked to Jeanette today, she seemed to happy and doing well in St. Petersburg… but she is getting anxious about returning to Mérida, which I of course am to. I am ofcourse a little freaked out about this whole Jeanette moving in thing, but I am also very happy about it… I think that in the long run it will prove to be a good decision… but then again it could blow up in my face and just be the worst thing ever… although I really don’t think it will. So anyway yea… not the most coherent blog entry ever, but they never seem to be anyway. Ill post again soon, and hopefully by then I will have a little bit of a better idea regarding what I want to do with this blog in the future.

- Carlos R.

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eldani said...

carlos!, no canceles el blog!!!, jeje. no, en serio, tengo un proyecto. con varios amigos que tienen blogs hacer una especie de periodico. y temas siempre hay, fijate nada mas en las cosas curiosas y bizarras que pasan a tu alrededor que en todos lados son muchas! por ejemplo, gente que mete cabezazos, locos que invaden paises, amigos que viven solos pero no saben cocinar y le piden a otro amigo que se mude con ellos solo para que les ensene a cocinar (yo conoci un caso asi, jaja), chicas que quieren perder su virginidad con un amigo para luego volverse putas (hace poco me contaron un caso, loquisimo), parejas que tienen 15 anos juntos, ya estan en base 4 (los 40s) y todavia no "se deciden" (jaja ???), tios que a los 18 conocen a una chica y se casan, gente que habla con plantas (una amiga en mi escuela habla con plantas y le decimos la ecoterrorista), no se tio, hay mil casos...y por cierto, tu blog hoy esta chido, me gusto mas que los anteriores...piensa lo del proyecto...un blog periodico de cosa bizarras...pasa la voz, jeje.