Saturday, January 21, 2006

Why am I not hung over?

Last night was maggies birthday partty... I got so messed up, make a long story short I got home like at 4am and was up and showered by 7 and at work at 8... but for some reason I feel just fine... no hang over, not particularly tirred... just fine... I am kinda afraid my system is just gonna crash on me without notice any time now... but we will see. Yea yea I know you probably partty hard every day and feel fine the next day... bla bla bla thats what everyone says, but not me... its just weird. Working saturdays is just the worst... but oh well at least its only every other saturday and besides I better behave since I am gonna be taking some time off when Jeanette comes on the 17th of febuary! YAY. If things work out the way they should I will go sign the morgage to the house sometime next week... basicaly I am just waiting for the call. There is not that much going on at work at the moment, actualy I am quite far ahead of schedule... for a change. Anyway I really cant complain, things are going quite well... I am really happy in my apartment and I have just about everything i need in there already so yay! I wish I had something more interesting to post about... but I dont so... Alas... uhhh.... ciao.

PS. Have you heard? Capitan Sulu (George Takei) is Gay? what the hell is up with that?... ok I guess that kinda makes sense

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Anonymous said...

How could you not have known. He was always lusting after Kirk.