Monday, January 23, 2006

Dream Theater is the greatest band ever...

Yea ok so that is quite a statement... but they are... at least of this generation anyway. The amount of stuff they have done just boggles my mind... and not just with DT, but will all the sideprojects such as liquid tension experiment, transatlantic, OST etc etc etc. I can´t think of any other band that even comes close to producing the incredible amount of music these guys do. Every time they release a new album I think this is the end of the line... it does not live up to my expectations, but thats cause DT is not a band for morons... that is, you have to get in to the album... at first it confuses you and phases you simply because you cant really wrap your head arround it. Ok, so its not always easy listening... but anyone who has ever really listened to DT would have to agree at the very least that it is one of the greatest bands of our times. They are to these last couple decades what Pink Floyd and the Beatles were in their day. So anyways I think I am done with this rant... I have no idea were this came from, anyway kuddos DT, kuddos.

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