Friday, January 27, 2006

Rejoice, its Firday!

Yay, its Friday. For some reason this week went by quite fast... as opposed to just about every other week in the history of time. Anyway today I am gonna meet with a few people to try to get this philosophy group of mine off the ground... it would be really neat if this worked out, god knows I need the intelectual stimulation. Anyway I guess I cant complain, things have been going quite well... except that those bastards from the housing thing have not called yet, but then again... this is latin america, everything is "Mañana"... arghhhh. Anyway hopefuly this suff will all be taken care of before to long... and then the weels will be in motion. I am getting quite excited, Jeanette will be here in like two weeks, so that is just great... I am sure we are gonna have a great time. Anyway this is basicaly how I expect tonights meeting to go.

Oh, I love those dinosaurs....

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