Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mini-Cruise to Frederikshavn Denmark!

A couple days ago I found out from my friend Sofia about a last minute deal to take a free cruise to Frederikshavn Denmark from Oslo. Since I am in between courses and Jeanette was able to take the day off we jumped at the opportunity. The cruise itself was not super fancy, but we had our own cabin which was actually quite nice. The cruise was mostly made up retired Norwegian folks, so its not like the bars on the boat were not exactly rocking... but with the tax free alcohol flowing freely, it was ummm, well, quite lively to say the least. We did not have tons of time to visit Frederikshavn, but the town (the most northern in Denmark) was actually quite charming. The sunrises and sunsets from the boat where really nice and I had quite a good time snapping away. Anyway hope you enjoy the photos!


Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado said...

Beautiful Carlos... How good that you and Jeanette were able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are lovely. And I had a really good time.

Serge said...

Such beautiful sights! This just shows that a mini-cruise would definitely be ideal for those who wish to enjoy a cruise but are on a tight budget.