Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exploring Sognsvann and Working on my Masters Thesis

Let me be frank, I am not a winter kinda guy. To illustrate the point it suffices to say that until the age of 10 when I moved to Vancouver island for a year, I referred to pants as "those dreadful long shorts". Sure the fist few weeks after the first snowfall are nice... I get out there with my camera and shot photos, occasionally putting on my long johns and braving the bitter cold for a nice hike in the woods... but honestly its just not my thing despite my Canadian heritage and the fact that I chose to marry a Norwegian woman. Thus the coming of spring has me in quite good spirits. It has been heralding for a while now, but intermittent cold spells, flurries and winds from the east have until just this week kept spring, thawing and the Sherrie blossoms at bay. As I have been spending quite a lot of time indoors working on my thesis I finally decided this week that this would no longer work for me and that I should print out all my papers and head to the woods to do my studying. Thus far my little experiment seems to be bearing fruit... I feel like it is quite productive and as long as the weather permits I hope to keep it up. The new spot of my academic pursuits is now Sognsvann, which is a gorgeous lake just to the north of Oslo. Of course there is also the added benefit of plentiful photo opportunities and exercise... so yea, awesome. Here are some photos from this week!

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