Friday, February 18, 2011

Chiapas Feb 2011 Pt.1 II

After three days in the mountains of Chiapas we made our way down from the Sierra Madre back in to the Yucatan. On our way we stoped in Ocosingo to visit the Archaeological site of Tonina and spent a night in Palenque to visit the Archaeological site of the same name. As I have photographed and blogged about these archaeological times several times already I decided to concentrate on wildlife and portraits for this post (the last few photos are actually from the Sumidero Canyon and San Cristobal).
Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos!


Delgado said...

Excelentes fotos

Unknown said...

Found your site from a link on your Mother's blogsite. Really beautiful photography. You have an eye for finding beauty in nature as well as in the people of Mexico, and even in unexpected places ( the keyhole is fantastic)!

Look forward to seeing more.
John Bradshaw