Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chiapas 02/2010: Bonampak & Tres Lagunas

After our wonderful day at Yaxilan we spent the night in some very spartan but comfortable cabins in the Lacandon jungle. After a wonderful night of staring at the stars and getting some well deserved R&R we awoke early to visit the famous Mayan Archaeological site of Bonampak. Bonampak is ofcourse famous for its beautiful painted rooms, you can check out some more detailed shots of said murals on this previous post. After visiting the site we made our way to "Tres Lagunas" which is a wonderful jungle trail in the middle of the Lacandon rain Forrest.
Well that is it for this trip, thank you very much to everyone who came along, it was truly a wonderful experience... you were all fantastic and I truly hope to have the chance to go on more adventures with you all.

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