Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chiapas 02/2010: Palenque

I had the chance to visit Palenque twice last week (with two different groups) and as always I was going photo crazy. I have posted photos of Palenque quite a few times on this blog, but it is never hard to find new/interesting things to show. On this occasion however lets concentrate on the exuberant wild life! (with the exception of the first two images of course).

Beautiful detail of a stelae depicting Pacal (found on a monument complex around the corner of the temple of the foliate cross)

Nice panoramic view of Palenque taken from the temple of the cross

Hey there buddy! looking good

Do you think you could please come a little closer? there is some pineapple in it for you!

HOLY @#~@|! - at this point the howler is to close for me to be able to focus with my telephoto... I actually have to take several steps back to continue shooting (no time to change lenses in this kind of situation)

Sometimes you just get lucky and nature gives you a wonderful gift like this!

Beautiful little guy

I actually shot this hawk in the parking lot

Hope you enjoyed the photos, there are more on the way!

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