Sunday, March 23, 2008

Central American Adventure (Guatemala pt 2)

Well after Tikal, Roque and I returned to Flores and booked our transport to Yaxha for the next day. We ended up sharing the ride with a couple of south Americans and made a few stops along the road to take some photos. The driver was really funny and kept making really really bad jokes… but still he was quite amusing and very enthusiastic. Yaxha was a really cool site, obviously not as big as Tikal… but still very large with much influence from central Mexico. There was plenty of walking involved but it was very pleasant. After visiting the site we went for lunch and ate this really weird meat from an animal that looks a bit like a hamster. I cant say it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten, but still it was good… and anyone who knows me knows I am up for trying just about anything. Roque and I spent the rest of the day in the lake and the next day we made our way to Chiapas where we visited Palenque. After visiting the site we took a night bus back to Merida and were back home at about 5am the following day. Well that basically wraps up this trip, I hope you enjoy the photos and the little video thingy.

Little Guatemalan girl siting on her front yard

yummm hampster!

Our driver to Yaxha

Another Shot of Flores

More Flores

Pyramid at Yaxha

Ballcourt at Yaxha

Beautiful river along Yaxha

Nifty yet creepy looking spider

Vendors by the river in Yaxha

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Anonymous said...

Pero mira nada más, hasta parece que Flores no está en Guatemala jejeje. Y bueno, la próxima vez que vayas tómale fotos al "desayuno chapín". De éste último los guatemaltecos se sienten "orgullosos". También del "Pollo Campero" su "transnacional". Claro tienen sucursales en Los Ángeles y en Madrid. Hablando en serio, enhorabuena por tus fotos.

Carlos Arcudia