Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ottawa & Montreal

So last Friday Jeanette and I made our way on the bus to Montreal. We stayed with friends and got to enjoy a nice easter meal. While there we hung out quite a bit in the city, had some really good food and basicaly just had a really nice time. Anyway we are back in Ottawa and I still have a few days before I have to head back home. Anyway here are a few pics from the trip and also a few from arround the Carleton university campus in Ottawa.

At the Gonzalez place for easter

Ah... the super sexe, so iconic of Montreal

Kinda busy image, but still... there is something about it I like

Nifty church

Mike and Jeanette rooting for the Habs at PJs

A nice big serving of Poutine at PJs... mmm

Some snow covered bikes on campus

Shot taken from a walking trail just across campus

Another shot from the trail

Vertical shot up a big old tree... I take these kind of pictures all the time, sometimes with nice results.

"Le Paris" in Montreal, the food was very good, the service kinda snooty... all and all very nice

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Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time with my pookie pie in Montreal, I love you sweety.